If you guys have been reading along since the beginning (you rock!), you’ve heard me profess my undying love for compression socks once before.

I noticed them lining the walls of EVERY beauty store in Tokyo, mockingly picked up a pair to test out, and politely proceeded to put my foot in my mouth (and keep the socks on my feet) — making the bold declaration that I will never travel without compression socks again. 

Compression socks save your feet from long days running around in foreign lands (or anywhere), help maintain blood flow to prevent muscle cramps at 30,000 feet and gently squeeze your calves/feet all day long like a little massage trampling right along with you in the streets. If you’re standing, sitting or running around for any extended period of time, they make SUCH a difference.

The only problem with these little bursts of energy is that they’re, well… compression socks.

There’s a social stigma that they’re made for your grandpa and most of them are designed that way. i.e. Not cute.

Imagine my excitement when I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this:


I must have them.

I put #MARVYLife to the ultimate test in March, bringing them along for a month of nonstop travels including 10 days of SXSW, a short stint in Dallas, driving to the Grand Canyon, tons of hiking in Death Valley and a few short flights in between.

They rocked my world.

Marvy’s graduated compression socks are thick but breathable, well-woven and oh-so-comfortable! There is an extra layer of cushion at the toe and heel for extra comfort, amazing arch support (I have really high arches so this is a big benefit for me) and they actually look like real socks. Sooooo much better than the Dr. Scholls I was hiding under my jeans or that first multi-toned purple pair from Tokyo. o.O Now there’s no reason not to pack them.

I loved trapsing about town (and the deserts) in them so much that I asked Marvy if I could do a Giveaway for you guys here and was so happy when they said yes.

Check out all the Marvy designs and Comment your favorite below to win a pair of your own. You can also enter through Rafflecopter for more entries.

marvy-compression-socks marvy-compression-socks marvy-compression-socks marvy-compression-socks marvy-compression-socks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos by Living in Color Print.

Winner will be announced Monday 5/18. Good luck!

UPDATE 5/18: Congratulations to  Michelle G and thank you to everyone who entered!

Stay tuned for more giveaways in the coming weeks. :)