Alright party people, this one’s for you.

Two Wednesdays ago, I set sail out of Miami for the 11th anniversary of a floating, 96-hour non-stop dance music festival cultural experience called Groove Cruise, and where EDC, Coachella, years of WMC and hundreds of local dance events before held loving memories, my idea of “music festival” has forever been transformed. (Forget my idea of cruises.)

It starts with an energy and excitement that seeps through your screen in an Attendees-Only Facebook group leading up to the actual event with packing pics, hotel and ride share plans, pre-party invites and pages of tips for first-time GC “Virgins” from “Veterans” around the world, following through to every flowing side smirk and bonding glimpse of affirmation that yes, this is actually happening, right now, from everyone surrounding you all the way to the very last, very blurry, sunrise set back into port during that 95th hour of insanity and on into a piece of lifetime memoria you’ll never remember forget.

Groove Cruise blew EDC, Coachella and any other former idea of “music festival” I had out of the water. Here’s why: