You know those nights you have trouble sleeping and wake up every hour and time just seems to be sitting still because you’re SO EXCITED about whatever it is that’s about to happen the next day? That’s me every time I get to fly across the country.

Of the hundreds of reasons I love calling both coasts “home,” getting to see the sun rise over the Atlantic and set over the Pacific in the same day easily holds down the top spot on that list. Whenever possible (and always on Virgin America), I book my flights cross-country according to the show, and having been away from the west coast for 5 months this time, I was extra excited!

I intended to share this the day I got back, alas a grueling combination of some serious post Groove Cruise festival flu and @KarltheFog have had other plans. After a long wait, the longest flu ever (going on day 16) seems to be subsiding and Karl gave me some space, so I can finally share with you guys my favorite cross-country travel tradition:

Starting the day with the sunrise in the east over Fort Lauderdale Beach…

sunrise-fort-lauderdale-beach-florida sunrise-fort-lauderdale-beach-florida sunrise-fort-lauderdale-beach-florida

and ending with the sunset in the west over Lands’ End, San Francisco.

sunset-lands-end-san-francisco-california sunset-lands-end-san-francisco-california sunset-lands-end-san-francisco-california

^Check out Venus making a cameo on the top left.

These opposing coastlines each hold a special place in my heart on their own so getting to see them both on the same day, at prime show time, has hands-down become my favorite cross-country travel tradition.

What are some of yours?