It’s been an outdoor-sy last few months over here at currently exploring!

Days and weeks full of camping trips, wildlife and lots and lots of time under the stars in the PNW… working on building the dream.

All of this outdoor life has been amazing, but since my consulting work (and this blog) rely heavily (see: completely) on iPhone use in those surrounds, it’s so important to have a case that protects my little life-in-a-box from all of the natural predators when I’m out in the wilderness (like Antonio dropping it into the base of a waterfall — true story).

SEIDIO is a mobile accessory company I found out at SXSW this year, “by professionals, for professionals.”

The OBEX is their first waterproof case, and since May, I’ve been testing it outdoors in Yosemite, Oregon, the Florida Keys and more to see how it stacks up.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Water Proof, Impact Proof, Dust Proof, Snow Proof
  • Built to Survive Drops Up To 6 Ft.
  • Rubber stoppers keep dust and water out of Headphone and Charging Port openings
  • 5 Available Colors: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Gray
  • $69.95 or $79.95 for the Combo version (dual case)

The OBEX is way slimmer and less bulky than it’s competitors over at Otterbox, and I love that it has a place to tie in a wrist or neck strap, super helpful to have it hands-free (for climbing things!).

The camera seems to lose a little bit of clarity from fog in drastic temperature changes, but the fact that I can swim across the river with it tied to my neck and us it for underwater video makes that seem pretty reasonable (nobody’s perfect).

Overall, I’ve dropped this baby from well over 6 feet (whoops…), swam with it completely submerged for at least 10 minutes and captured some pretty epic moments with the camera all the while keeping my lifeline safe and sound.

It’s definitely a keeper!

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Seidio OBEX… so you can focus on the adventure.

seidio-obex seidio-obex seidio-obex seidio-obex seidio-obex seidio-obex

Photography by Antonio Venegas.


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Adventure on!