Of all the things I was excited to jump back into during my recent trip to NYC, rooftopping (rooftop hopping) was arguably number one (Central Park strolling, you’re a tough call).

Miami, New York and Vegas hold the ranks for top 3 U.S. nightlife cities, and NYC’s rooftop experiences are a major unique feature. Nothing compares to sipping cocktails under the stars on a high-rise rooftop with a skyline view of Manhattan. It just doesn’t.

During this past trip, my friend Madi and I checked out the city’s only rooftop nightlife tour by The New York Nightlife… and it. rocked.

Since I was Veruka-spoiled by a promoter friend when I spent a summer living here, I have thankfully never had to deal with the obnoxious hassle that NY nightlife can be but have heard enough horror stories to understand why most locals don’t bother to go out clubbing. Having some of the country’s top venues and views comes at a price — i.e. bottle service, knowing someone or being a group of hot girls according to that night’s doorman and entry ratio.

Two Italian NYC ex-pats, Peter and Sanel, have found a serious sweet spot in this setup and created NYC’s only rooftop nightlife “tour.

You meet a group at a central location to board a luxury coach bus to three rooftop bars, each in a different part of town. You get a drink at each stop, appetizers at the last and the venues change seasonally so you’re always up for a new adventure.


This was as easy as a night could get for me visiting and even Madi as a three-year local was impressed. Our round hit PH-D, Attic and the Gansevoort on Park, and after the official tour was over, Peter and Sanel had three more spots lined up for anyone in the group who wanted to go out dancing beyond the lounge-scene of the rooftop bars. (That’s six venue options — serious night out!)


^ Bonus! Our group included a local entourage of girlfriends, a mother/daughter duo, a few couples, us and some solos. Locals and visitors. The guys were attentive and made sure everyone was having a good time the entire night, at every venue (we told them to relax and enjoy themselves!). They’ve nailed it.

The best part about this whole experience is that the “tour” is only $69. I overheard some visitors complaining that they only got one drink at each spot but in a city where low-range cover charges average $20, taxis part-way across town average $20 and drinks average $15 each, this experience is a steal and a half. Plus not having to deal with any research… or planning… or lines… or chances of being turned away at the door after you put in all that effort and got dressed up! Easy call.

We stuck it out ‘till the end and happily slept in past brunch the next morning. Thanks, The New York Nightlife!

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Madi and I were welcomed as guests, and had such a blast I begged Sanel to give up two more spots to share the experience with you guys beyond words. He said yes (yeee!), and Rafflecopter chose our winner above. Thanks so much to everyone who entered – more giveaways to come!