A few months back, you may have noticed a spacey headset scrolling across your Instagram feed, claiming to support jet lag through light therapy.

That Instagram post was mine, that gadget was a RE-TIMER, and that post I alluded to is finally here! Sorry for the delay here guys, better late than never seems to be my motto on the blog of late. More to come on that later this week, but for now, back to this headset.

Here’s the skinny:

This gizmo gadget goggle set i.e. RE-TIMER uses UV- light therapy to regulate your circadian rhythm, which tells the body when to sleep and when to wake. Basically it tricks your brain into thinking you’re getting more or less exposure to daylight, in turn helping you fight the effects of jetlag, or anything else that keeps you on a rickety sleep schedule.

I can hear what you’re thinking — “strange, but if it actually works, that’s pretty cool!”

After finally using it consistently over several weeks of timezone hopping between San Francisco/Sao Paulo/Miami/Puerto Plata this past month, I do think it helped re-adjust my schedule to get to bed a little earlier on the east coast.

Of course, 3 hours isn’t the biggest shift, and I’d still like to give it a go for a long-haul flight (much of the reason I was holding off on this review), but the idea that a little green light can drastically impact your energy levels is pretty mystical.

The idea is to spend 30 minutes with it for each hour you’re looking to recover in either direction, which I recently built in during mornings for 3 days before and after each trip.

The results were a little more energy in the mornings, a little earlier to bed at night, and definitely a feeling of being a super sci-fi space cadet with jet lag fighting super powers.

What are your best tips for beating jet lag? Would you try the RE-TIMER?

Thanks to RE-TIMER for sending me this spacey set to test. As always, all opinions are my own.