On the way to our UTV tour we passed a massive, out-of-place seeming water park near Eagle Beach. Turns out it’s called Morgan’s Island and was shut down after mere months, because… who wants to go to a water park when they’re surrounded by the natural wonders of Aruba?

So… it’s abandoned? “Yep.” Let’s go!

Before returning my rental from a day of photo day around the island, I had to check this place out. Somehow I talked my tour guide from Rancho Daimari into joining me for the adventure. So much win.

Here’s what we found:

morgans-island-aruba morgans-island-aruba



Well that’s not eerie at all…


Oh, just hanging out under some abandoned water slides in Aruba.


Perk of having a partner in crime on this adventure: proof these are actually my pics. :)


Anddd… probably best to not be alone should one of these fall through.


This was such a fun find and definitely a highlight for me in all the unique things to see on the island!

Would you guys have made a point to check it out!?