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currently exploring is a personal travel + lifestyle blog by christina leigh morgan, reaching ~50k travelers ages 21-34 around the web each month.

Content covers the pursuit of everyday inspiration, through the lens of travel, life, style, wellness and entrepreneurship.

70% of this community joins from the U.S., (mainly CA, FL and NY), 10% Russia, Canada and the UK, and 20% spread throughout 173 additional countries worldwide.


While most of my travels are solo, the journey is never alone.

Here is a selection of the top global travel + media networks I am proud to support and be syndicated by:

Lonely Planet Pathfinders – 171M Global Travelers

Girls LOVE Travel – 800k Global Travel Babes

Travel Massive [Former SF Chapter Leader]  – 48k+ Global Travel Industry Insiders

Travel Blog Success – 4k Global Travel Bloggers

Women’s Travel Fest (2016 Speaker) – 500+ Badass U.S. Travel Babes

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