Las Bovedas (the vaults) is a French restaurant at the Plaza de Francia set inside a historical gold storage vault for the Spanish and alleged jail for Manual Noriega. If the history itself isn’t reason enough to go, I’ll tell you that the food quality and service are just as memorable as the ambiance. las-bovedas

They bring the large chalkboard menu around to each table to order. I went for sangria and pesca de la marina con vino blanco: lasbovedas2

I wish I had more details here but something about the rice really stood out (water?). Then… Tarte Tatin. I had never heard of this treat before, but the caramel pie crust vanilla ice cream powdered sugar heaven showed up on a menu again at Screaming Eagle and is now one of my favorite desserts. Try it out at home with this recipe!

Attached to the restaurant was a live band in a bar-specific area and I sat in the window table with another sangria for a bit until Casco Viejo nightlife beckoned and the best was yet to come…

Where are some of the best historical restaurants you’ve eaten?