As we walked back towards the lodge from the fire pit, under the crisp, black night sky and the most vibrant display of stars, I couldn’t help but wonder why no one had ever heard of this place before.

I booked it for a quiet weekend writing retreat, but the Lost Sierra had other plans.

It was like an overlooked summer camp for adults, complete with paddleboats and swimming ponds, adventure bike tracks and even an on-property zipline. It was cozy and welcoming, local and charming, and somehow managed to stay completely off the radar, hiding in the shadows of bustling Tahoe only 30 minutes away.

“These are the best finds,” I thought, as I bid my friends goodnight and made my way to my room.

Cozying up by the fireplace and opening my terrace door to perfect silence and a cool night breeze was trumped only by the fact that I was now witnessing this vibrant celestial display against the black night sky again, through the skylight from my bed.

After breakfast the next morning, Alex, the 27-year old general manager and inheritor of the lodge, invited us to try a new amenity he was considering for the property — Eco-Bikes.

Next thing I knew, we were covered in protective gear and speeding through mountain trails at well over 40mph with the support of battery-powered motors.

These guys custom-built hand motors attached to dirt bikes to get people out on the trails who wouldn’t be able to take them on their own, and it was epic.

They’d had grandmothers out there, they said! Anyone could do it.

(If I could do it, anyone could do it!)

The day before, we’d scaled the same mountains by foot, and in less than an hour looked out over this hidden gem of a valley deemed “The Lost Sierra.”

It was nothing I’d expected, but it was the perfect low-key weekend wander.
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Rooms at Chalet View Lodge: A Boutique Luxury Resort start at a whopping $135/night, and the Eco-Bike experience at $150/hr. Alex is a real character, and if you head up to explore his hidden gem, please tell him I say hello!