Sitting here on a plane to NY, my mind can’t help but race with all of the things I want to share with you guys!

It’s been a while since I shared a personal update here, since January actually (#fail), and as many of you called out, there was quite a bit going on to kick off the year.

Well, it didn’t let up — in fact it shot forward in all of the best ways, with new projects and opportunities, Kristin’s bicoastal wedding, moving back into my SF apartment, and even a lot more impromptu travel plans and frequent bursts of growth here on the site (oh hiiii lovelies!).

As life kind of goes after a hard lull, it picked up from zero to full-speed in all directions at once.

I even had a few good dates.

This year’s travels so far have taken me from small towns in TN, to across the US by car, to and from Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, back into high-end hotels after a year of camping and in and out of the usual suspects: FL, NY and CA more than usual.

Behind-the-scenes, the work that keeps this show on the road also sprung a new life, laying bloom to what seemed like every little seed that’s been planted over the past several years, all at the same time.

Great news, except there are only 24 hours in a day and when you add the constant hunt for WIFI to that when you’re on the road it cuts your time at least in half.

I swear figuring out this work/travel (forget work/life) balance struggle is so real — still worth it.

After a few months of juggling (at some times better than others) and fully neglecting my personal needs for regular creative time, I’ve been really enjoying spending the past few weekends writing, shooting and sharing stories here.

You guys are my happy place.

Other than travel (more tales to come!), the latest:

1- I’ve stepped up to the plate — as a (more than) full-time Brand Manager for Grabr


Wait, what?

As you guys have seen on social, my posts about this lovely little global travel + shopping startup have continued to increase this year, with everything else basically taking a backseat.

True story.

What started as a remote consulting gig to keep me moving, quickly grew (like, took over the 2nd floor of our downtown San Francisco HQ in a month grew) into something much bigger.

An amazing opportunity, this was still a tough decision — trading in complete flexibility and autonomy for hard deadlines, RTW hours, and investor-backed growth requirements — but I truly believe it’s a huge trade up.

When I quit the corporate world my goals were clear: 1- create a mobile lifestyle 2- enable myself with the time + resources to prioritize travel 3- share the journey here to show what I believe to be true: that with enough effort, your “crazy dreams” are more than possible.

The Grabr marketplace not only provides access to global goods to Shoppers around the world, but if we build it right — Grabr creates an entirely new currency for travelers to “just go.”

Just about anywhere, anytime they want.

With a little effort.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Working as part of a talented, motivated, international team to put big ideas into motion is an amazing experience, connects me with loads more of you guys, and still calls for a lot of days on the road!

This still means tons of travel coming your way (with a lot of focus on S. America, SE Asia + Russia), and now just a bit more of local life at home in SF, too.

Fun fact: I’m actually looking at decorating my apartment for the first time in 4 years!

On that note…

2- I’ve expanded the currently exploring team!

With my time dedicated to building the next big thing in peer-to-peer travel over in startuplandia right now, it’s been an uphill battle to post here regularly, which is a shame, because I probably have more creative stuff than ever to share with you guys here!

But apparently as this blog thing grows, so does the work it takes to manage it (what is inbox “0?” does this exist?), and I can’t tell you the amount of posts I’ve started in the last few months, only to be called by some seemingly urgent thing and never return.

Since this is my happy place after all, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and bring on some help with managing that side of things, to create more time and space for the exploring and creating part of this passion project that brings me joy.

Over the next few weeks, if all goes as planned, you should be hearing a lot more from me — and a little from my co-spirit in wanderlust: Lauren.

Be a good gym buddy – hold me to it!

Oh, I’ve been going to Orange Theory too. Routine is weird.

Which brings me to today, this flight, and always back to New York.

3- Currently: NYFW-Bound


New York always finds it’s way in my life (or maybe I’m just always finding it) at a transition period.

Seasons ending, seasons beginning, good times waiting.

It comes around in the same pivotal way each time: out of nowhere, with a lot to say.

Right now I’m en route to NYFW to kickoff possibly my favorite project ever — bringing you authentic Fashion Week Street Style from New York, London + Milan, via Grabr.

We’ve had some really cool partnerships so far — sharing Balinese harem pants and authentic Greek sandals, and creating access to things we so take for granted in the states in our key markets like Brazil — and now we’re expanding to bring you Fashion Week.

When I spent a summer in NY during college and experienced Fashion Week, it unlocked my world. Something so seemingly inaccessible, yet there I was — sitting front row of a runway show.

It changed everything.

The whole idea of Grabr to me means “access” — access to travel, experience, products, community, all pieces of a puzzle you wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’m beyond excited to tell that story through the seemingly inaccessible world of “Fashion Week” — now available right on our marketplace, hand delivered to you, by travelers.

If you’re into street style, sign up here to win a piece of your choice and be updated as each city’s curated items are released — and follow along at #grabrFW to watch the fun unfold!

If not, enough about Grabr for now — I’m staying for a few days after our kickoff event too and will be back to your regularly scheduled travel programming (with Lauren’s help) soon.

See you in NY!

xx christina

Over and out — what’s up in your world this month?!