Horseback riding is my all-time favorite way to see a place with countryside, and since I fell in love with Arikok National Park by UTV I most definitely had to see it by horseback.

Rancho Daimari operates daily tours through Arikok along the Andicuri trail ending at an amazing natural wonder – Conchi, the Natural Pool – so you’ll definitely want to pack your bathing suit!

Before we even got to the horses, I was greeted by this little guy in the hotel pick up van. Our tour guide Yella found him at the office and wanted to take him back to the ranch where he could roam. This is how great days start.


We set out on our journey and taking Arikok in 360 was purely magical. I was floating along in my very own version of Aladdin via my favorite childhood past-time!

rancho-daimari-aruba rancho-daimari-aruba

The Natural Pool, Conchi, is an honest life experience.


Thanks to my grandma, I’ve always had a great appreciation for nature (shout out NPCA) and spending so much time in office buildings in the past few years has amplified that tenfold. Jumping off a “jacuzzi” ledge from one volcanic rock natural pool to another with a dozen strangers who speak only the same language of laughter brings you immediately to the core of human community.

If that’s too deep for you right now — try it.

conchi-natural-pool-aruba conchi-natural-pool-aruba

The last time I felt anything comparable was standing at the head of  a rushing waterfall in Yosemite. Conclusions drawn: Water is good for the soul. Our world is awesome.

On the way back in, I made photo friends with a lovely Dutch couple along the trail (A- thanks for the snaps if you’re reading! B- this is a great way to engage other travelers if you’re flying solo) and my overly-independent horse Sultan and I had the time of our lives galloping through the soft white sands back to the stables.

rancho-daimari-aruba rancho-daimari-aruba

Rancho Daimari, you rock my world!

What are some of your favorite go-to travel activities?