30 minutes outside of Nashville, a major historical center of the USA still stands with “rooted in Americana” running through it’s tiny town veins.

Known for it’s place in history as home to the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War, Franklin, TN is now home to one main drag — appropriately named “Main St.” — dividing it’s 16 downtown blocks, filled brick by brick with small town southern charm.

From a quick afternoon spent mostly exploring Main St., here are a few reasons to make the short trek:

History Everywhere

Really, everywhere. Downtown on Main St: cannons. In the vintage shops: estate pieces from the families of fallen soldiers. Pretty much every spot you’re stepping in: war zone. That plantation you’re touring? Don’t miss the 150+ gravesite out back.

Addressing this type of history in an otherwise charming locale may not be the first thing you want to think of on vacation, but learning firsthand about what was a very real reality mere decades before is an important part of preventing its reoccurrence, and Franklin is a great place to check that box.

Stunning Vintage

Enough of the history rant, did I mention the vintage shops are full of estate sale items? Still?! Authentic 20th century pocket watch, anyone?

More Charming, Adorable Shops

In case you couldn’t get enough of White’s Mercantile in Nashville (not possible in my book), there’s another, larger location here. And more boutiques.

Bring your wallets, shopaholics.

Foodie Delights

Since the main activity of Franklin is browsing Main St., of course it must be lined with foodie delights. Start the day with a local favorite at Merridee’s Breadbasket and be sure to save room for your sweet tooth later in the day at Ivey Cake.

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That’s a wrap on a quick afternoon in Franklin! More on discovering nearby Nashville here.


currently exploring was welcomed as a guest of the TN Department of Tourist Development. All opinions and local finds are my own.