Hi, I’m Christina Leigh

I believe that time is our most valuable resource, change is the only constant, and firsthand experience is the best education.

In 2014, deflated and uninspired in my sales career, I started this blog to share my journey stepping out of corporate America to build a location-independent lifestyle.

After two years on the road around Asia, LATAM and 36 U.S. states, I found myself called back to San Francisco to help build a global marketplace on a mission to help travelers everywhere fund their trips.

I prefer slow, experiential travel, counting stars and helping people realize their wildest dreams over everything.


  • You’re researching your next vacation
  • You’d rather create a life you don’t need a vacation from
  • You live for impromptu adventures
  • You refuse to accept the status quo
  • You love to set – and smash – big, hairy, audacious goals
  • You cherish the small moments
  • You always read the reviews before investing
  • You’d prefer to ask a local

Welcome to my musings.


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