Hi, I’m Christina!

A San Francisco-based storyteller fueled by curiosity.

In 2014, currently exploring started out as any other travel blog: 

a chronicle of my journey stepping out of corporate America, to travel the world in search of memories perspective.

I could have never imagined the roads that journey would take me on.

Through Asia and South America, and back to my favorite city – into a global team on a mission to help travelers everywhere expand their experiences, by connecting with locals and earning money on their trips. (Learn how.)

Here, find my musings on travel, San Francisco, and the relentless pursuit of audacious goals.


  • You’re researching your next vacation
  • You’d rather create a life you don’t need a vacation from
  • You live for impromptu adventures
  • You refuse to accept the status quo
  • You love to set – and smash – big, hairy, audacious goals
  • You cherish the small moments
  • You always read the reviews before investing
  • You’d prefer to ask a local

I’m so glad that you’ve arrived.

I hope you’ll say hello, and I hope you’ll come back often.


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