San Francisco loves to wait in lines, so it’s no surprise that the Instagram-famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse already had a 45-minute queue by the time I got there at 9am on a Wednesday morning.

Since opening in November, trendy Mr. Holmes has caught the attention of Eater, CNN, InsideScoopSF, SF Chronicle, SFist, Buzzfeed, and even had an alleged recipe bandit. Big news.

I was out of town while most of this happened, but the hype about this famous “cruffin” — that’s croissant muffin — made it’s way to me and I was surely not going to miss out on the experience.

So in the line I went.

Based on grabbing two boxes of mostly everything (in the name of research!), here are 5 reasons waiting in line to get “Baked in San Francisco” is totally worth it:

Honey Cruffin

Croissant. Muffin. Cream on the Inside. | Yes, it’s really as good as everyone says it is. Just enough crispiness and flakiness and still super soft on the inside. An anomaly in the pastry world.

California Croissant

Flaky Croissant topped with Seaweed Flakes and Sesame Seeds, filled with Salmon, Nori, Ginger and Wasabi in a Seaweed Roll, served with Soy Sauce. | This runs heavy on the savory side, so it may be best to save it for lunchtime but worth trying it at least once. I’d ditch the soy.

Amelie Amann

Like a Kouign-Amann (round crusty cake), Croissant Dough and Buttery on the inside, Caramalised on the outside. | Anything that has to do with a croissant is good in my book, so the extra layer of sweet crispyness on the outside was just an added bonus. These were gone immediately.

Ferrero Rocher Choux Bomb

(Pronounced Shoe) Crumbly on the outside, soft Caramel-y on the inside. | On the sweet side, this bomb nailed the Ferrero Rocher flavor.

Cherry-Filled Donut

Even better than the Vanilla-Filled Donut.

Word on the street is that there’s an elusive Matcha cruffin out there also, but you’ll just have to show up at 8am to wait in the line for cruffins released at 9am (or follow Mr. Holmes Bakehouse) to find out.

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Have you braved the line at San Francisco’s current bakery crush? What was your favorite?