Mexico City. So much epicly rich world history, so much amazing food, so often overlooked.

Latin America’s second largest city is of course home to ruins, pyramids and beautiful cathedrals, but also a burgeoning arts, food and music scene, all while being an incredible value destination for U.S. travelers.

When you make it to Mexico City, here are 30 experiences you don’t want to miss out on:

1- Walk the halls of Frida Kahlo’s bright blue adulthood abode in Coyoacan.

2- Grab coffee at true local Coyoacan favorite El Jarocho, then stroll the cobblestone roads to the mercado for authentic candies, clothes and food.


3- Enjoy a morning run in Parque Espana or Parque Mexico before grabbing brunch along Condesa’s Avenida Amsterdam.

4- Hit up all the history in Downtown + Reforma, then head over to Roma + Condesa for some indulgence. These neighborhoods are seriously charming!


5- Reconnect with your inner self climbing Iztaccihuatl, a dormant volcano and the third highest mountain in Mexico.

6- Sip cocktails + enjoy one of Mexico City’s finest on the rooftop of Condeza Hotel.

7- Take yourself to the ancient pyramids at Teotihuacan and dine afterwards at one of the coolest restaurants ever INSIDE OF A CAVE at La Gruta.


8- Get lost in Jose Vasconcelos’ stunning library.

9- Search for Sania’s new Aztec-inspired street art pieces like a local.

10- Walk around the parks. So many parks. Parks and plazas, parks with dogs, parks with trees inside buildings!

11- Eat delicious huitlacoche AKA corn fungus from a street vendor. (Special thanks to my foodie friend Cassie for telling me about this little delicacy, as I definitely wouldn’t have ordered it on my own!)

13– Pass the afternoon in a colorful trajinera in Xochimilco.

14- Take in a 360 view from the top at the Latino Americana Tower. If you don’t squeal for panoramic views like me, the 6th floor of Sears gives you a solid, free view out over Palacia de Belles Artes, which is less awe-inspiring but still pretty sweet. 


13- Blow your inner foodie’s mind with Mexican street food inception at the corner of Tamaulpais + Alfonso Reyes. This chick and her pop up street food stand have brought to the world… tortas of chilliqueles. She’s known for being a bit harsh, but don’t be surprised if there’s a line down the block and the person in front of you orders 30 to go.

14- Treat yourself to ice cream at Roxy.

15- Try to pick your favorite storefront from all of Roma’s adorable restaurants, libraries and design boutiques. Good luck. 


16- Stroll around Parque Lincoln and Antara in the high-end district of Polano, calculating the number of flights you could by instead of things in the window displays.

17- Enjoy a meal at Pujol, the world’s #16 rated restaurant.


18- Join the revolution (and burn off some of these food calories) by exploring neighborhoods on an Eco Bici

19- Roam around like the King or Queen you are at your castle in the middle of a forest in the middle of the city: Chapultepec.

20- Eat all of the things around Roma’s Fuente de la Cibeles.


21- Tap into your sexy side partying and shopping in Zona Rosa (the red light district).

22- Dine among the Presidents at Centro Castellano.

23- Check out the restaurants and shops inside Alameda Central’s recently renovated Barrio Alameda, and pop in the top floor for a peek at the coolest new concept accommodations in town, Chaya BNB.


24- Dance the night away west-coast style at Roma Forum (deep house), keep it traditional at Mambo Cafe or Mojito Room, or get chilly at Ice Bar.

25- Witness the the largest yet discovered tzompantli — an Aztec trophy rack of sacrificed skulls — found just earlier this year at Templo Mayor (and lots of other, really cool, less gruesome things) at the Museum of Anthrolopogy


26- Skip the crowds in Garibaldi plaza and enjoy authentic Mariachis over an incredible meal and table-side entertainment at the newly-renovated Cicero.

27- Adore some of Condesa’s best dining + decor at Blanco Colima.

28- Talk about “cathedral fatigue” as if it’s totally normal to see dozens of buildings like this during your regular commute… super casual.


29- Pretend you just won a national futbol game and celebrate by climbing the Angel of Independence (extra points: be there when Mexico actually just won a futbol game and climb it with tons of new friends)!

30- Be the first of your friends and family to experience this amazing place and bring back all the news!

That’s a wrap! For an easy-to-plan neighborhood guide including most of these experiences, check out:

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What do you think? Will Mexico City make your list?!