Want to create something together? I’d love it! This site first and foremost started as a creative outlet for my personal adventures, and the partnerships and community that have sprung from that have been the best part.

To partner with me on brand ambassadorships, press trips, reviews, giveaways, speaking events, content creation — or just to plan a sunrise video shoot, reach me at


As an advisor, speaker, marketing director, content creator and consultant, I’ve supported more than 75 travel and lifestyle brands globally on brand strategy, influencer marketing, social media, experiential events, go-to-market and more.

If you’re doing something interesting in the travel space, I’d love to hear about it and explore if I can help you out. Ping me the details at

Look forward to chatting with you! xx christina


While most of my travels are solo, the journey is never alone.

Here is a selection of the top global travel + media networks I am proud to support and be syndicated by:

Lonely Planet Pathfinders – 171M Global Travelers

Girls LOVE Travel – 550k Global Travel Babes

Travel Massive [Chapter Leader]  – 100k+ Global Travel Industry Insiders

Travel Blog Success – 2k Global Travel Bloggers

Women’s Travel Fest (2016 Speaker) – 500+ Badass U.S. Travel Babes

Medium | LinkedIn | Huffington Post | AngelList




“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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