SOMA StrEat Food Park, San Francisco \\ Photo Walk

SOMA StrEat Food Park, San Francisco \\ Photo Walk

Since investing in my first professional camera back in November, I’ve been more than a little bit obsessed with it — studying blogs and Flickr images, coming up with post ideas to include lots of composition practice,  having that daily internal debate about whether or not to carry it with me everywhere I go (verdict: EVERYWHERE), and even taking an intro workshop back in Fort Lauderdale. As someone who hasn’t been spotted in the past 3 years without an iPhone camera in hand, finally having a real camera to call my own (and take worthwhile travel snaps!) has been a game changer.

But, as excited as I may be about it, skills only ever get better with practice, so to give myself a schedule to practice on, I present to you — Photo Walk Wednesday!

Each Wednesday, I’ll post a new collection of images from a photo walk around somewhere new, along of course with info about that daily discovery.

And now that I’m back in San Francisco (and finally well enough to get out of bed), the first Photo Walk Wednesday comes to you from the home of hundreds of local foodie gems, the SOMA StrEat Food Park.

SOMA StrEat Food Park

The food truck scene has grown tremendously around the US in the past 5 years, moving up from NYC hot dog stands to full-service restaurants on wheels in most cities and into “food parks,” pop-up or permanent food-courts of trucks gathering in one location. Portland leads the pack of with more than 10 designated food parks across the city, and in 2012 San Francisco joined the party by opening up SOMA StrEat Food Park in an unassuming parking lot next to the freeway by Costco.

Now an actual destination and regular lunch stop for techies and mechanics alike, the SOMA StrEat Food Park is a city staple with weekly community events and more than 100 rotating vendors in 10 available spaces.

Here goes round 1! Casual snaps from a SOMA StrEat Food Park pit-stop during the pre-Oscar’s watch party:

soma-streat-food-park-oscars-party soma-streat-food-park DSC04724 soma-streat-food-park soma-streat-food-park soma-streat-food-park soma-streat-food-park soma-streat-food-park soma-streat-food-park-oscars-party-madame-toussaint-nph soma-streat-food-park

My food truck favorites: seared sugar snap pea fries from Dusty Buns and Lil Burma well, anything.

If you’re coming out for the Women’s Travel Fest in San Francisco this weekend, can’t wait to meet you here on Friday!

Any food truck vets out there? Where are your favorites?!

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