Jetlag-Reducing Light Therapy

Posted by Christina

A few months back, you may have noticed a spacey headset scrolling across your Instagram feed, claiming to support jet lag through light therapy.

That Instagram post was mine, that gadget was a RE-TIMER, and that post I alluded to is finally here! Sorry for the delay here guys, better late than never seems to be my motto on the blog of late. More to come on that later this week, but for now, back to this headset.

Here’s the skinny:

Weekend Wanders: Lost Sierra’s Chalet View Lodge

Posted by Christina

As we walked back towards the lodge from the fire pit, under the crisp, black night sky and the most vibrant display of stars, I couldn’t help but wonder why no one had ever heard of this place before.

I booked it for a quiet weekend writing retreat, but the Lost Sierra had other plans.

It was like an overlooked summer camp for adults, complete with paddleboats and swimming ponds, adventure bike tracks and even an on-property zipline. It was cozy and welcoming, local and charming, and somehow managed to stay completely off the radar, hiding in the shadows of bustling Tahoe only 30 minutes away.