An Afternoon in Franklin, TN

Posted by Christina

30 minutes outside of Nashville, a major historical center of the USA still stands with “rooted in Americana” running through it’s tiny town veins.

Known for it’s place in history as home to the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War, Franklin, TN is now home toΒ one main drag β€” appropriately named β€œMain St.” β€” dividing it’s 16 downtown blocks,Β filledΒ brick by brick with small town southern charm.

From a quick afternoon spent mostly exploring Main St., here are a few reasons to make the short trek:

5 Must-Stop Spots in Nashville

Posted by Christina

It’s been just over 2 months since I touched the ground in Nashville, but not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of the slow mornings, welcoming accents and sweet details that line the charming streets of the American south.

There’s just something about the pace and lifestyle of the south that captures my heart a little more each visit.

To kick off the summer, Brian and I set out to escape the San Francisco fog and see what local Nashville, TN had in store.

Full of music, bars, BBQ and boutiques galore, here were my fave local finds from a week in town: