Wynwood Walls, Miami \\ Photo Walk Wednesday

Posted by Christina

Street art has a way of telling a neighborhood’s story better than tours or history books ever could. Created by the people, constantly changing and unswayed by politicians, it’s one of the most authentic features of any city, and always one of my favorite things to look out for.

This week’s Photo Walk Wednesday is coming to you from the opposite of my current coast — a Saturday evening stroll through the Wynwood Walls in Miami, FL.

Why You Need a Travel Rewards Credit Card (and Which)

Posted by Christina


Happy Travel Tuesday! Now that I’ve been back out and about in San Francisco (yeee!), I keepย getting the same question — Christina, how do youย affordย all this travel?!

Unfortunately for me, there’s no trust fund or lifelong savings behind that answer, instead a tetris combinationย of things pieced together — subletting my apartment and moving back home temporarily, the support of some amazing friends’ couches, spending a heck of a lot of hours in front of this here computer and… POINTS.ย The most attainable and so often overlooked way to create a travel budget out of thin air is by taking advantage of America’s foundation: CREDIT and POINTS.