Uncorking Sunriver with Cascara Vacation Rentals 

Uncorking Sunriver with Cascara Vacation Rentals 

If you’ve already heard of Sunriver, Oregon, it’s probably because you’re lucky enough to have grandparents who claimed their stake early on.

If you haven’t, you’re in the same boat as I was two weeks ago, in which case you’re in for a serious treat!

This 3,300 acre community along the Deschutes River is a ponderosa pine tucked vacation hub just south of Bend in Central Oregon, and it is an outdoor lover’s absolute paradise.

Mountains? Check. Volcanoes? Check. Some of the PNW’s most beautiful drives alongside (and the ability to actually play in — *cough* looking at you, Crater Lake) the Cascades? Check.

Loads of amazing, not crowded or over-run trails, parks and pathways for biking, hiking, backpacking, fishing, skiing, canoeing, rafting and in general playing with everything the great outdoors has to offer?

In an acreage radius 1/8 the size of Disney World?

Oregon, you’re really killing me lately… o.O

That’s not even mentioning what the little community has tied together, from the downtown Village to the on-site water park, lazy river, small bouldering wall, observatory, private airport, barns, surely I’m missing some things but you guys get the point here.

Mostly recognized for family travel, Sunriver launched the Uncorked, Sunriver Style wine festival last year to bring local PNW wine and artisanal food vendors together and draw a younger crowd into the community, and I’m seriously just sitting here wondering how this isn’t already a thing.

If outdoor adventure or secluded relaxation are even remotely close to your style,  Sunriver is waiting.

Oh so peacefully, patiently, adventurously waiting.

Here’s a peek at 4 days in the area:

cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver

Uncorked, Sunriver Style cascara-vacation-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacation-sunriver

Canoeing Lake Hosmer w/ Wanderlust Tours wanderlust-tours-sunriver wanderlust-tours-sunriver wanderlust-tours-sunriver

Sunriver Fields cascara-vacation-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver

Rafting Big Eddy w/ Sun Country Tours  suncountry-tours-sunriver suncountry-tours-sunriver suncountry-tours-sunriver

At Home w/ Cascara Vacation Rentals  cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver cascara-vacations-sunriver

The Details

The advantage of Sunriver is that you have access to all the outdoor adventure, in a super compact and accessible spot, with less crowds than Bend because it is it’s own vacation hub. I’ve yet to get to Tahoe (I know, guys), but Antonio says it’s like a little Squaw Valley.

The Village is your “downtown” for a few days, with shops and markets and Sunriver Brewing Company. (I wouldn’t bother driving into Bend for dinner, everything closes by 10pm.) Also home to all of your activity operators:

Rafting: Sun Country Tours |  Canoeing: Wanderlust Tours | Bicycle Rentals: Village Bike + Ski

Most of the Cascara homes come with bicycles, but if you want to pick up something with a bit more suspension to rip on one of Mount Bachelor’s epic downhill trails or in the bike park, the option’s open.

Accommodations in the area are mainly vacation homes or the Sunriver Lodge, and while I didn’t sleep in any other properties, I did check them out (follow on snapchat for live tours as they happen: crntlyexploring), and highly recommend the Cascara experience.

Our two-story home for the week had beds for 8, full garage playroom, back deck, fireplace and jacuzzi that were all thoroughly enjoyed… around $200/per night.

Oh small towns, how you not-so-sneakily steal my heart…


Photos by yours truly and Antonio Venegascurrently exploring was welcomed to the Sunriver area as a guest of Cascara Vacation Rentals. Opinions are solely my own.

Have you heard of Sunriver before? Is this your kind of vacation spot?

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