Behind-the-Scenes: January 2016 Celebrations

Behind-the-Scenes: January 2016 Celebrations

Here we are, my very first monthly recap of what’s going on behind-the-scenes at currently exploring — sprinkled with some of my favorite updates to share in a longgg time!

Technically we have 4 days left in January, but I’m just terrible at keeping secrets, sooooo:

1- Announcement: I’m Joining the Team at (!!!)

Since freelance projects recently have proven to be as flaky as Miami and San Francisco’s social scenes combined (and I’d rather chase waterfalls than past-due payments), I am so excited to be joining the team at!

Grabr is a global peer-to-peer delivery network, and I couldn’t be more personally invested in their concept, as a supporter of the sharing economy for years.

Think: there’s this certain spice you fell in loveee with on your trip to India, but it’s ONLY sold there, so you ask a traveler friend to pick it up and send it to you — through Grabr. Amazing, right?!

I’ll still maintain all of my abilities to work remotely and explore, while helping an awesome team grow their digital efforts and potentially even gain some travel opps off the blog — yeeee!

If you’d like to check out the next coolest thing ever anddd support more of my travels through the interwebz, chime in on Grabr’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or sign up to start shopping the globe here.

2- Bridal Shower + Bachelorette Party Planning

You guys. Girlfriend over here spent much of last year under the stars and learning how to live in the woods, sooooo my posh event-planning skills have gained a little rust since the fashion week and red carpet days of NYC.

Much of the past month has been spent Pinterest-ing and to-do listing away alongside the amazing MOH + bridal party for all of my best friend’s fabulous upcoming wedding events, and I am relieved to share that most of the major pieces are now confirmed! Onto the details.

Chime in on Snapchat (@crntlyexploring) this Sunday to check out the first of a few wonderfully gorgeous events to come: a Kate Spade explosion themed Bridal Shower.

The Bach is up next in Napa mid-March, and oooooh is our itinerary looking fab, more yeeee!

3- Gorgeous On-the-Go is in Tow

This month, I shared the first few peeks at my mission for “gorgeous on-the-go,” and I’m so excited that my first-ever beauty post with Stowaway Cosmetics is one of the most highly commented posts here, ever.

I was a little nervous about putting the idea in motion, so I’m beyond happy that you guys are loving it!

Was hoping to round out this month (and my last few days in FL) with a fab event in West Palm Beach for the launch of Lilly Pulitzer’s new Spring line, alas it’s been raining this week and the date was unfortunately pushed back.

On the upside, I received a totally non-blog related invite from Bumble + Bumble to test their new curly hair product line this Sunday, and while I’m not sure they know what they’re in for, I can’t wait for them take a stab at taming the beast!

Wavy/curly haired lady loves: check back for details.

4- @currentlyexploring Hit 8k on Instagram

Woooo, so much to celebrate this month!

I’ve changed my Instagram a few times over the past year, but finally gave in to only sharing my best images (instead of live-time), and sadly abandoned the unique creative circle theme to play around with panoramic and portrait sizes.

And I’m superrr excited to celebrate those changes with 8 THOUSAND (+ two hundred) of you!

::cue heart sing::

Are you following me yet on Instagram?

Do it hereeee — your love + support makes my world!

5- (Finally) Back on the Move

I’ve been sitting tight in south Florida for 6 weeks now, and that’s about 2 times as long as my fluttery little heart can handle these days (ahem: “Post-Travel Depression”).

It was all necessary with the holidays and I just needed to be in one spot for a bit to get through all these sprints, but ladies + gentlemen the drought is now OVER.

Starting Monday, I’m headed to NYC to meet with my new team, sneak in some snowwww, visit with a college girlfriend and get the skinny about what’s on tap for Kimpton’s beautiful boutique hotel line this year (so fun, right?!).

Knoxville, launching Dream Chasers, back to NYC talking all things “Overcoming Fear through Travel” at Women’s Travel Fest (tix here) and then slowly making my way back home to SF for said Bach and everything that comes next after that.

i.e. less work-related stories to come 🙂

After a candidly frustrating few months, I am just floored to have so much fun and exciting news to share in my first-ever behind-the-scenes monthly recap, and to see so many of 2016’s goals already coming into fruition!

January got me feeling likeeeee:


And as a litttttle bonus since I’ve been kind of MIA, here’s some random stuff I’m loving for January 2016:

Headspace | Spotify Premium | Private Pinterest Boards | Travel Massive’s new Marketplace | Townske City Guides

What are you lovelies celebrating this month? Personal? Travel? Professional? Let me know below!

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