Hi, I’m Christina!

[ serial creative logging more than 30 flights a year since 2012 ]

Writer, photographer, brand manager, magic seeker, view enthusiast and absolutely ridiculous are a few things I’ve been called in the past few years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After two post-university years of moving across the U.S. solo, traveling every other weekend, and using every trick in the book to max out my vacation time, in 2014 I started this blog to document my (at the time, terrifying) journey of leaving my stable life in corporate sales behind to chase my dreams of wanderlust and passport stamps full-time.

I started freelancing, volunteering, consulting, and picking up any odd job related to travel that I could find, and ended up connecting with the world’s most supportive community along the way through this blog (that’s you)!

Around the one year mark, I started a project with a tiny little startup called Grabr, with a goal to get anyone anything from anywhere in the world within 24 hours, by connecting with a traveler headed your way.

Everything you ever wanted from abroad would now be in reach, and as a traveler — the easiest way ever to make money and connect with locals on-the-go!

We’re not so tiny anymore, and what started as a personal itch for adventure and a small gig to keep myself on the road, turned into an opportunity to not only motivate travel, but to help make it accessible for people around the globe and connect with an even greater community worldwide.

(Conveniently, around the same time I was really starting to miss being based in San Francisco.)

Oh, life and your big picture, you.

Now, I split my time between my favorite place to call home and the open road, and here on the blog share a collection of local guides, experiences, reviews and resources from my travels, remote work and life on-the-go.

Whether you’ve been traveling since the womb or are just getting started, I’d love to hear from you — so please do say hello!

Welcome to currently exploring!

xx christina

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“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

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