Hi, I’m Christina…

A San Francisco-based south Florida girl who can’t get enough of the open road.

The short story is, at 25, after finding myself completely dissatisfied with achieving everything I was “supposed to,” I wondered what it might be like to refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary moving forward — and to figure out what that actually meant for me.

The long story is that that pursuit would take me on a heck of a lot of interesting adventures. 😉

With very little savings in tow, I left a high-salary role in corporate sales to chase my dreams of traveling the world (which as an American, I’d been made to believe was very expensive or unattainable), using my background in marketing to do consulting work and piece together an income along the way.

I galloped through crystal white sands in Aruba, scaled mountaintops in Seoul and got lost in Panama City — and I was hooked.

Wait; why had I always thought that travel was so far-fetched?

I started this blog to document the journey and share with others who may have the same pre-conceived perceptions that I did that anything is possible when you prioritize it, with hopes to connect with likeminded creators along the way.

Since, it’s become my greatest source of inspiration and community, and I’m so happy that some random force in the universe has brought you to this page!

I believe that change is the only constant, time is our most valuable asset, and there is no better time than now to start working towards the life of your dreams.

Here, I share a personal collection of tips, trends, reviews and resources from travel, San Francisco and the pursuit of extraordinary.

I hope you’ll explore with me often.

Welcome to currently exploring!

xx christina

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“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

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